03/13/2014 CrossFit Classes in Cherry Hill

CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit Classes in Cherry Hill

Shoulder Press (4×4)

Followed by…

45-60 second Side Plank (alt sides between sets)

Then rest 60 seconds

Metcon (Time)


Four sets for max reps (of Pistols)

In 60 seconds, complete 20 push ups and then as many reps as possible of Pistols

Street Cred:
1 HSPU on rings

Coaches Notes:

The core is not just your belly ladies and gents.  I know you know this, but I’m just reminding you of the importance of lateral movements in a WOD.

Side planks also happen to be great pre-hab in regards to potential back injuries (for me they were a part is rehab… Not as fun).

To those doing the CrossFit Open 14.3, be sure to eat well after your work out and to get plenty of rest/recovery before Saturday so that you are chomping at the bit prior to the 3,2,1 countdown.

Not sure if everyone had the chance to watch the CrossFit Games Update show, but it’s always fun to keep up with what’s going on at the top.

Unfortunately, some of my favorites like Matt Chan, are sidelined.   I was really excited to see how Aja Barto would do this year as well but he is out.  His was on point in last years Clean and Jerk Ladder.  Anyway, fun to get a quick glimpse at what’s going on and makes a potential group trip to the Games this summer that much more exciting!

~ Coach Brad

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