04/28/2014 Best CrossFit in Haddonfield

CrossFit Turbocharged – Best CrossFit in Haddonfield

Snatch (Max snatch from the power position + hang snatch )

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

Push ups x 10 reps
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups x 10 reps
100 Meter Run

Coaches’ Notes:

Over the weekend coach Danielle competed in her third Olympic weightlifting meet (my second as her coach) and once again she Improved on her already nationally qualified total. This time she added 1 kilo to each lift. She hit 76 kilos( 167 lbs) on snatch and 93 kilos ( 204 lbs) on clean and jerk.

What I would really like to highlight is the mental toughness it took for her to get there. So for those unfamiliar with the meet set up, you have 3 attempts for each lift and once you attempted a given weight you cannot take weight off the bar. So on her first snatch attempt she missed 70 kilos which even the most positive of people would have a tough time overcoming. Many people miss their other two attempts after missing the first. She came back off the platform put the first left behind her and got ready for the next attempt. We added 1 kilo to the bar to buy a bit more time and she went out and smoked 71 kilos easy. Now that we were on the board we decided to go for a one kilo competition pr at 76 kilos ( she hit 75, 2 weeks prior). The pressure was on to hit a new pr. She stood at the bar and dug her foot into the ground like a baseball slugger and knocked it out of the park having patience in the bottom before she stood tall with it.

Next up was clean n jerk and her game face was on, ready to DOMINATE, which happened to be written on my notebook which timed her warm ups with the first lift in the platform. So after warmups with Danielle Whimbash ( aka d dub) helping count lifts we sat next to the platform as another girl ( damn I wish I knew her name) out of CrossFit Nittany was about to take her last lift, one which if made would qualify her for the American open. Ashley Henning ( just went the CrossFit Nittany’s Facebook and got it, man that would have bothered me) got some positive words sent to her from Danielle and I before she went out and she got it!!! I knew that would fire Danielle up and she went out and hit 88 kilos with ease. Next up was 92 kilos which would be a meet tying pr which she ended up missing the jerk. Once again knowing how to fix the problem we decided to go up one kilo to go after another pr. She went out, made and even easier clean, corrected the fix that caused her to miss the previous jerk, and landed solid and nailed 93 kilos. We also had Rosa( fresh off of her own pr via snatch at barbell club) come out to rep the team and coach nick who is a legend when he coaches at meets help us tear shit up.

I truly love coaching, especially on game day. 3 weeks in row I have been lucky enough to be able to express that with two lifting meets and a CrossFit comp. thanks to everyone who i coached because you guys/gals get it. You listen to all the coaches and push the rest of team beyond what we require of you. I got nothing left here to say except I think I missed my calling as a writer hahaha. Well Maybe I will live and good enough life so that someone will write about me.

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