06/10/2015 Best Gym In Cherry Hill CrossFit Turbocharged

CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit

Handstand Push-ups

Metcon (Time)


In Teams of 3:

6 runs total of-

Athlete 1 – Run 400m

Athlete 2 & 3 – Complete an AMRAP of…

-10 Power Cleans (155,95)

-15 Pull Ups
*Athlete 1 determines the time before athletes rotate. When athlete 1 comes in from the 400m they will become athlete 2 and will start participating in the AMRAP. Athlete 2 will become athlete 3 and will continue to do the AMRAP but will be on deck for the run. Athlete 3 will go out for the 400m run, workout is over when the 3rd athletes gets back from their second run

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