10/24/2016 Cherry Hill NJ CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit


3 Steady Rounds (at warm up pace):

15 Ski with band (See coaches notes)

10 Banded Glute Activation Steps per side (extra special prep for your C n J’s today)

5 Box Jumps (step down and 1 sec rest in between each box jump. We aren’t going for a pr)

8 Seconds “Nose and Toes” Hand Stand on Wall (wall walk and hold hand stand position with your nose and toes ideally touching the wall only)

Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk – 7×1 @80-90% of your 1RM Clean and Jerk

Power Clean OR Full Squat. (Rx+ Full Squat Clean and Split Jerk)

(This cycle of olympic lifting is written to have you peak during future re-test week. If you stick to the percentages and demand proper form, it will work. Small jumps in percentages is what we are after. Remain dedicated to focusing on form. It will pay off when you go for your true 1rm. You must enter today’s numbers in Wodify for measuring/testing.)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)


10 Minutes AMRAP (Rx+ 14 Minutes):

8 Ring Rows (Rx’d+ 8 rings to chest pull ups aka the first movement in a strict MU)

6 Overhead Barbell Walking Lunge (snatch grip ideal) Snatch, then 6 lunges, then put weight down. Now, turn around, snatch it and 6 steps back to starting position 65lbs/45 (Rx+ 95lbs/65)

(scale further by using a plate only, no barbell)

10 Steps Handstand Walk (can be broken into 5, come down, turn around, 5 more. See coaches notes for scaling options starting with 10 sec hand-stand holds on wall or box)

( Rx+ add C2 Row 800 meters total throughout this WOD, 200 meters at a time in between the sets of your choice. But, make it work and have minimum 400 meters done by the 6 min mark)

Transitions should be the only real rest in this met-con

Metcon (No Measure)

B*** Work (for Rx+ only) (Why is it called Bitch Work? See Coaches Notes)

4 Rounds (because it is interval style, each sprint and HSPU should be at full intensity. That is why you get a rest. Whatever you have left in the tank, empty it here):

Sprint 100m

6 HSPU’s

Rest 1:00

Coaches Notes:

Whats up team…This week, we start a cycle of Misfit Athletics programming for our Rx+ level peeps. Please ask Coach Jerry or Coach Brad if you can partake in the MisFit WODs. Some already know they have prior authorization to move forward, but please ask if you don’t yet.

You must be ready for this next level in terms of fitness, technique, weight, knowledge and so on to safely work in this programming. Also, there will be a gradual increase in certain areas for Rx+ over the next couple of weeks, so please keep this in mind as well.

With that said, most WOD’s in this month’s cycle are going to be “Misfitified” to some extent, Rx’d or not. For those who aren’t familiar with MisFit Athletics Programming, some quick info to catch you up to speed.

Misfit Athletics was founded by some good CrossFit programmers up in Portland, Maine. They would send athletes to the regionals and the CrossFit Games (Keep an eye out for Travis Williams this year. That boy is a monster. He was the 32nd “fittest man alive” in last year’s CrossFit Games.

I digress…The guys at Misfit are obsessed with getting people to win regionals and the CrossFit Games. The WOD’s are programmed with that in mind…written for Regionals and Games Athletes.

Over the last few years, hundreds and now thousands of athletes starting following MisFit’s programming from boxes across the globe. With quite a few ending up in regionals, placing in regionals and even a few making it to the games. It is quite a proven method of programming.

Don’t hesitate to check out their website at www.MisfitAthletics.com and definitely check out some of their podcasts on youtube for some great tips and CrossFit conversations.

On to today’s WOD…

Not everybody is expected to be able to do walking hand-stands. Most will do a scaled version where they will wall walk into a hand-stand on the wall and rock back and forth touching their opposite side shoulder alternating to get comfortable being on one hand for a millisecond each rep. Some will do the with legs on the box. Some, if not most, will hold a hand-stand against the wall for 10 second instead of walking 10 steps. Everything is scalable as always.

Let’s talk about the “ski with bands” movement. As the name states, it looks similar to the way your arms and body would work if using your poles to full effect when cross-country skiing. There is a machine called a “Ski Erg” that replicates this motion, but we can also use bands to get a similar effect.

At the end of the day, when it comes to the ski, we are talking flexion with this movement (when I say that, I am typically stating the obvious in that it is the opposite of extension like we would be required to open up the hip pocket, where as flexion in this context is all about closing the hip).

So, what does this flexion do for me? You are essentially using your core (“abs” to be more specific) and arms to drop all of your weight on the bands to make the “ski pole” motion. You start standing with the band tied as if it were ready for a “banded pull-up” except that we want to use a lighter band (black or red thinner band).

At the finish, your upper body is parallel to the floor and your triceps locked out next to you. This would sure be easier to describe with a video so maybe I’ll put one here. But, for lack of a better way to describe the effect we are going for, you are about to light your abs (and lats and triceps) on fire while going as fast as safely possible.

Last but not least, let’s talk about bitch work. I realize it sounds like some type of derogatory term. But, for our purposes, the term makes a lot of sense. When Drew Crandall, one of the founders of Misfit Athletics decided to add extra endurance wods on top of his regularly scheduled wods, he’d write “bitch work” on his note pad, as he felt like he was in a war with his “inner bitch” if you will during these added endurance pieces at the end of his work out.

Or, that this part of the work out would “bring the bitch out in him” (okay, so maybe one could say it’s derogatory or take offense, but we didn’t name it and to be honest, the name is aptly suited for this piece of your work out.) Today’s bitch work is for Rx+ peeps only.

There is so much I could go on about in regards to this WOD, but that’s what class is for. So, I’ll save it for the box, but may write some efficiency tips for the other movements in the WOD in the coming weeks)

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