11/21/19 CrossFit Training Cherry Hill New Jersey

CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit

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10 Partner T-Jumps

10 Partner Crawl and Jump Overs

Then 2 Rounds 5 Reps w/ empty barbell:


Clean High Pull-Down

Muscle Clean

Hang Power Clean

Push Press


Power Clean + Jerk (10 Minutes to build and find weight for WOD)

Metcon (Weight)

Every :30 for 20 Min:

1 Power Clean and Jerk (200/145)

20 Min EMOM:

2 Power Clean and Jerk (75/55)

*Beginners should scale weight to a moderate load and perform 2 reps on the minute, resting as needed to ensure proper mechanics.

*Substitute DB for barbell if needed.

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