3 Quick Mobilization Techniques to Improve your Overhead Squat – CrossFit Gyms in Cherry Hill

3 Quick Mobilization Techniques to Improve your Overhead Squat – CrossFit Gyms in Cherry Hill

We spend countless hours in the gym to strengthen and condition our bodies, but how many of us are taking the time to properly mobilize? General maintenance of your body is just as important to your progress as lifting those heavy weights. One of the most demanding positions we enter is that of the overhead squat. Here are 3 easy mobilization techniques for you to do in preparation for your next lifting session:


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Your thoracic spine is the area between your lumbar spine (lower back) and your cervical spine (top of shoulders to bottom of head) that always seems to be tight and limit us in the overhead squat. To loosen this area up, simply grab a foam roller and gently roll back and forth. We don’t want to roll too low down to our lumbar, but keep the roller between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of the back. Take your time and roll slowly! When you find a tight or sensitive area, hang out there for a few and apply slow, constant pressure until the area loosens. You can roll with your arms extended overhead (just like the position we are trying to achieve) or with your arms wrapped around your body as if you were giving yourself a hug, ALWAYS making sure we remain tight in the core and keep your ribs down.


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Find any door, wall, or vertical surface in your house and put the ball of your foot up against it, trying to keep you heel as close to the surface as well. Then simply drive your hips forward as your keep your foot in place. You can use a door knob or something in front of you to grab and assist in pulling your hips forward. Again, keep your belly tight and squeeze your glutes! You can generally contract and relax for about 2 minutes to see change!


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Using that same wall or door from technique #2 above, lay flat on your back with you feet up against the wall. Extend your arms overhead to mimic the overhead squat position. Then gently rotate your hips in and out, keeping your feet touching the wall and your belly tight. This movement helps the internal hip capsule. You can also reverse your position to mobilize as well. Stand up with your back against the wall and squat down. Use the wall to help keep your torso upright and gently use your elbows to drive you knees out over your toes in external rotation.

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Take ten minutes before your next overhead squat (or snatch) session and implement these techniques. You’ll be amazed at how you can achieve a better position in just a few short minutes of mobilizing. Be sure to test yourself prior and re-test after you’ve completed them to see if you position has improved!

To watch the video from start to finish, check below

. And for hundreds of other mobility techniques, be sure to check out MobilityWOD and Dr. Kelly Starrett.

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