3 Quick Tips to Muscle-Up Progression – Cherry Hill CrossFit Gyms

3 Quick Tips to Muscle-Up Progression – Cherry Hill CrossFit Gyms

With coach Jerry giving us a little preview of our latest strength/skill schedule last night, I’m sure many eyes lit up when they saw the muscle-up listed. Quite possibly being the most coveted movement we do in CrossFit, the muscle up is one that many of us are constantly chasing to achieve. Well chase no more! Here are 3 quick tips to help you progress to the next level!


Musceup Tips CrossfitMuscleup tips crossfit

Instead of using a traditional (dead hang) grip, you want to establish the false grip. The false grip will put your wrist over the rings from the start. Keep a flexed wrist position as you begin to hang from the rings. See photos above.


CrossFit Muscle up help

After establishing the false grip and you begin hanging from the rings, be sure to tuck your chin to your chest. Next, begin to pull yourself up by attempting to bring your ribcage to the rings, keeping a stiff hollow position with your body. This angle will set you up with leverage to move onto our next step, the transition.

Muscleup Tips for crossfit



Due to the natural angle you create during the ascent (step #2), you create leverage that allows your body to snap forward and transition the dip portion of your muscle-up. At the top of your ascent, turn your hands over, snap year head and shoulders forward through to the front of the rings (do not stop/finish with shoulders on top of the rings), almost trying to get your head to the floor. As you transition, be sure to keep the rings close to your chest as you pull. The closer the rings, the easier the movement becomes. Also, get comfortable hanging at the bottom of the dip. Don’t try to press out and finish the movement right away!

Look over this video a few times before our first muscle-up class!

Implement these 3 quick tips and you’ll be sure to set yourself up for success!

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