5/23/22 CrossFit South Jersey

Beacon MMA & CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit

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1 Round:

20 HK

20 BK

10 Front Jacks

10 Hollow Rocks

1 Round:

5 Up/Down Dog

10 Alt. Groiners

5 Wall-Facing Squats

10 Kipping K2E

Then 2 Rounds 3 Reps w/ Empty Bar or PVC:

Snatch-Grip RDL

Muscle Snatch

BTN Push Press

OH Squat (Pause :02)

Overhead Squat (5-5-5)

*Tempo @ 22X1

Build up to a Moderate weight.

Reading Tempo…

1st Number is the Eccentric or ‘Lowering Portion’

2nd Number is Bottom or ‘Down Position’

3rd Number is Concentric or ‘Raising Portion’

4th Number is Top or ‘Up Position’

Metcon (Time)

“Cool Hand Luke”

7 Rounds (16 Min Cap):

7 OH Squats (75/55)(RX+115/75)

7 Burpees Over Bar


100m Run

FITTEST GOAL → Fittest athletes will look to complete this workout within 12:00-14:00. Each movement should be completed unbroken and athletes should look to sprint through each movement with limited rest in transition. The 100m Run should be completed in under :30 each round.

GROUP GOAL → Look to complete this workout within 14:00-16:00. Ideally, we’d like to see the OH Squats done unbroken, so choose a light weight that allows you to keep moving! Find a consistent, but not crazy, pace for the Burpees/Up-Downs. TTB/K2E will be unbroken for most rounds, possibly breaking up into 2 sets in the last round or two. The 100m Run should be completed within :30-:35 each round.

7 Rounds (16 Min Cap):

7 OH Squats (65/45) or Front Squats

7 Up-Downs Over Bar

7 K2E

100m Run