7/2/19 CrossFit for Beginners

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3 Rounds w/ light DB:

3 Push Up to Down Dog

5/5 Single Leg Cross Body RDL

7/7 Arnold Press

9 Cal Row

Handstand Push-ups (10 minute practice!)


5×3 Pike Push Ups on a Box

(Scale to DB Shoulder Presses for athletes unable to hold bodyweight)

-Rest 1:30 b/t sets-


5×3 Negative HSPU (Tempo suggestions…3001, 30×1)

-Rest 1:30 b/t sets-


Begin the first five minutes by practicing the controlled descent with negative HSPU.

EMOM x 5 Minutes

1-3 Tempo HSPU (31×1)

For athletes looking to improve upon their kipping HSPU, adding a low intensity and low volume practice EMOM can build their consistency.

Every :30 for 10 Sets

1 Kipping HSPU

Metcon (Time)

On a 7 minute running clock:

1000m Row (5 min cap) then…


Immediately into…

35 DB Man-makers (35/25)

*In this workout, the Man-maker does not include a squat. 1 Rep of Manmaker = Row L, Row R, Push-up, Ground to Overhead

Score is time for the Man-makers…subatract :01 for every rep of the HSPU earned in first part of the workout.

On a 7 minute running clock:

800m Row (5 min cap) then…

ME DB Strict Press (25/15)

Immediately into…

25 DB Man-makers (25/15) -or- 25 Body weight Man-makers

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