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2 rounds:

10 DB strict press

3 wall walks

10 DB push press

30 second “nose and toes” hold*

-Rest 90 Seconds-

*hold handstand facing wall so that only nose and toes are touching wall at top of hold for strong hollow position*


A. EMOM x3 minutes

1 wall walk

16 shoulder taps

Rest 2 minutes then…

EMOM x3 minutes

1 wall walk

8 hip taps

C. 10:00 of max distance attempts at Handstand walk


A. For Time

30 Bear Complexes (135/95)

*every time you break: Round of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)*

**Must keep hands on barbell in order to be considered unbroken. So if you drop from the BTN press to the ground that is considered broken and you owe a round of Cindy**

E. For Time

160 DU

10m Regional Lunge (50/35)

24 alternating DB thruster (50/35)

10m Regional lunge

24 alternating DB thruster

10m Regional Lunge

160 DU

*14:00 time cap

Accessory Work

3 sets. Rest as needed.

20 leg lifts over KB

5/5 turkish get up sit ups

20 windshield wipers

5 reverse hypers

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