Instant Hip Improvement for the Desk Athlete – CrossFit South Jersey Locations

Instant Hip Improvement for the Desk Athlete – CrossFit South Jersey Locations

Where all my desk warriors at?? This one’s for you!

Many of us have jobs that keep us mostly sedentary, slaving away as we sit in a chair (or in the car) for hours on end. This is MURDER for our hips and glutes! These desk athletes tend to have short hips, making it tough to achieve full extension without breaking at the midline, and as a result, hyper-extension occurs instead of a neutral spine. Here are a few tips for you all:


CrossFit Hip Improvement

Using a resistance band, anchor the band to something sturdy and place one leg inside. Take a few steps back to create tension and, with the band right up under your glute, kneel down into the lunge position. You can use a plyo box or something nearby to hold onto. Be sure to drive your hips forward by squeezing your glutes and keep a neutral spine and chest position. Spend 2-3 minutes on each side.


CrossFit Hip Improvement

Grab that plyo box from step #1 and place one foot up onto it with the top of your foot down against the top of the box. Begin to walk/hop forward so that you can keep a vertical shin as your sink down into a deep lunge. Again, be sure to keep a neutral spine. Try to hang out in this position for 1 minute, each side, two times.

So for all my “Executive” athletes with short hips, this one will be a game changer for you. Spend just a few minutes each day mobilizing with these techniques and you should see dramatic improvement in your hip position.

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