Danielle Hudes

Danielle Hudes


  • Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • National Olympic Weightlifting Competitor


I started off doing CrossFit after a lifetime of athletics and not knowing what to do after high school sports were over. I flourished in the strength movements and quickly fell in love with the olympic lifts and decided to specialize, and at the same time decided I wanted to spend my time introducing others to the world of CrossFit and the incredible life changes the sport brings.

Fast forward a couple years and I compete nationally as an Olympic weightlifter and love my job coaching so much. It is so rewarding bringing people into the world that shaped my future and changed me so much as an individual.

There is nothing that teaches you more about yourself than being behind a barbell alone. Same can be said about showing up everyday to a job teaching people to move better, to learn things that their bodies’ don’t naturally know, and to exhibit traits of a good athlete.

I’m excited for the future both as an athlete and a coach.

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