Kellyn Lovell

Kellyn Lovell


  • Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer




Kellyn decided to try Crossfit in early 2011, right after signing up for her first obstacle course race.

“As a former collegiate cross country runner, I knew I would have the endurance to finish, but was terrified by some of the more strength-intensive obstacles I knew I would face.”

She joined a local box on a trial basis, with the intention of dropping her membership after the race, but after a week of training, she was completely hooked on the sport of fitness.

“In CrossFit, you’re constantly being pushed to your limits, which is thrilling when you succeed, and humbling when you don’t. The push to be better and do more is at the heart of CrossFit and I was really drawn to that.”

Kellyn is a teacher at heart, with a background in health education and coaching, so becoming a CrossFit trainer was a natural next step. Having coached preschoolers through college students in a variety of sports, including basketball, soccer, and cross country, she took up the challenge of coaching adults in CrossFit.

After a year of interning at Supercharged, she earned the L1 Trainer Certification in October 2014. Kellyn is passionate about running, nutrition, and teaching fundamental movements to new athletes.

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