Lauren Daddis

Lauren Daddis


  • Dhyana Yoga Certified



Lauren teaches everything from gentle, candlelit vinyasa to advanced
practice, but don’t let her fancy pants fool you! While her yoga
passion stems from the vigorous and disciplined lineage of Ashtanga,
Lauren’s classes are laid back and filled with fun and laughter! When
not teaching, you can usually find her on the mat or chasing her 4
year old around the playground.

“I practiced yoga for years, but not consistently. I used to work a
really crazy and fast-paced job and yoga became a place of solace for
me. I fell in love with yoga when I realized that my practice is
where I could go to create space no matter what’s going on in my life.
Helping others to find that same peace is my passion- so I teach!”

Certified to teach through Dhyana Yoga, Lauren continues her studies
under John Vitarelli and Raghunath Cappo. This yogini can be found 7
days a week throughout Philadelphia and South Jersey at Dhyana Yoga,
CrossFit Supercharged and CrossFit Turbocharged.

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