5/3/22 CrossFit South Jersey

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20 JJ

5 Inch Worms

Partner Single Under Race! (Best of 3)

Then, 2 Rounds:

5/5 Staggered Stance Good Morning*

5 Bootstrappers

5 Deadlifts – Above the Knee*

5/5 SL Glute Bridges

5 Deadlifts – Below the Knee *

*Use PVC or Empty Barbell.

Deadlift (1 x 1)

Build to a heavy 1-Rep.

(Week 1 of 9)

Metcon (Time)

12 Rounds:

3 Deadlifts (70% of 1-Rep Deadlift)

20 Double Unders*

*Increase Double Unders by 10 Reps Every 4 Full Rounds…

R1-4: 20

R5-8: 30

R9-12: 40

FITTEST GOAL → Fittest athletes will look to complete this workout around 9:00-10:00. They can either shoot to complete each set of Deadlifts unbroken or go the route of quick singles. Another goal to shoot for is unbroken Double Unders each round.

GROUP GOAL → All athletes will look to complete this workout within 11:00-13:00. Spend a little more time in transition to ensure proper bracing mechanics are maintained each time these athletes get to the bar for deadlifts. Choose a Double Under modification that allows you to knock out quick reps!


10 Rounds:

3 Deadlifts (70% of 1-Rep Deadlift)

10 DU/Attempts or 20 DU Taps or 30 SU*

*Increase Jump Rope by 5 Reps Every 4 Full Rounds.

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