7/22/22 CrossFit Training NJ

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1 Round:

:30 Walk on Toes

20 Mt. Climbers

10 Scap Pull-Ups or Ring Rows

8 Push Ups from Knees

6/6 Bodyweight Split Squats

1 Round:

:30 Walk on Heels

8 Up-Downs

6 Kipping Swings or Hollow Rocks

6 Alt. Lunges

4 Hand Release Push-Ups

Muscle-ups (Learn the skill!)

*10:00 practice

Beginner: Feet-Elevated Ring Row, Low Ring MU Transition

Intermediate: Kipping Hips to Bar, Low Bar MU Transition

Advanced: Jumping MU, MU

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


25 Min AMRAP:

20 C2B Pull-Ups

400m Run (together)


50 Synchronized Walking Lunges

60 Up-Downs

*P1 works while P2 rests. The Run and Walking Lunges are completed together. Split all other work as needed.

FITTEST GOAL → Aim for 17:00-19:00 or less! Focus on keeping big sets on everything. No more than 1-2 Sets, shooting for unbroken on all the Chest to Bar. Run speed should stay the same or improve every round!

GROUP GOAL → Aim for 19:00-22:00 or less. Break up Push-Ups ahead of time so you don’t get burnt out early in the workout. Keep the Run challenging, but should not be getting torched here.


25 Min AMRAP:

20 Pull-Ups or Ring Rows

200m Run (together)

30 HRPU or Bench/Box Push Ups

40 Walking Lunges (NOT SYNCRHO!)

50 Up-Downs

*P1 works while P2 rests. Only the Run is completed together. Split all other work (including Lunges) as needed.

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