7/25/22 CrossFit Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Beacon MMA & CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit



Knee Hugs

Butt Kicks

Side Shuffle (L)

Side Shuffle (R)

Walk on Heels

Skip and Reach

Walking Samsom Lunge

Then 2 Rounds:

8 Synchro Alt. DB Goblet Lunges

10 Synchro Alt. High Plank Shoulder Taps

8 Partner Step-Ups

8 Partner Push Ups

Bench Press (3 x 5 @ 80% of 1RM)

*Pause :02 @ chest first two reps.

Metcon (Time)

FOR TIME (22:00 Cap):

200m Run

40 Box Jumps (24/20)

600m Run

80 Alt. DB Goblet Box Step-Overs (50/35)|(35/20)

600m Run

40 Box Jumps

200m Run

PERFORMANCE GOAL → These athletes should aim to keep each section to roughly 6:00 or less. The box jumps should be non-stop and steady and the DB Goblet Box Step Overs should be completed in 4 sets or less. Quick transitions will help separate them from the rest of the pack and have them finish around 18:30-20:00.

GROUP GOAL → These athletes are looking for a steady churn and burn from start to finish. The first half should be completed at a conservative pace to leave some gas for the middle 80 reps. These should be completed in no more than 6 sets or 8:00. If these athletes are slowing down too much they can complete bodyweight reps for the Step Overs and mix & match Box Jumps with Step-Ups. Most should aim for 20:00-22:00 finish times!

FOR TIME (22:00 Cap):

200m Run

30 Box Jumps (18/12)

300m Run

60 Alt. DB Goblet Box Step-Overs (25/15)

300m Run

30 Box Jumps (18/12)

200m Run

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