CrossFit – Wed, Nov 2

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1 Round:

5 Up/Down Dog

30 Alt. Crossbody Mt. Climbers

10 KB Sumo Deadlift

10 BW Russian Twists

Then, 1 Round:

20 Alt. Piked Shoulder Taps

10 Up-Downs

10 MB G2OH

Then, 1 Round:

3 Wall Walks

5 Inch Worms

7 Burpees

9 KB Swings


Handstand Walk (Learn the skill!)


Beginner – Pike Walk or Box Rotation

Intermediate – Wall Walk or HS Hold (w/ Partner)

Advanced – Max Distance Walk


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 Min AMRAP:

25 Alt. Lateral Ball Slams (20/14)

20 Up-Downs

15 KB Sumo Deadlift (53/35)(RX+70/53)

10 KB Swings

PERFORMANCE GOAL → Athletes aiming for performance should shoot for 5-5.5+ rounds. Get uncomfortable on the Lateral Ball Slams and Up-Downs, and unbroken on all the KB reps.

FITNESS GOAL → Athletes here should aim for 4-4.5 rounds. Focus on hitting a sustainable challenging effort the whole way through…think 75-80%. Choose a weight that allows for unbroken reps on the KB movements.


20 Min AMRAP:

20 Alt. Lateral Ball Slams (14/10)

15 Up-Downs

10 KB Sumo Deadlift (35/26)

10 KB Swings

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