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CrossFit Turbocharged Cherry Hill NJ

CrossFit Turbocharged Cherry Hill NJ
CrossFit Turbocharged Cherry Hill NJ
CrossFit Turbocharged Cherry Hill NJ

Are you bored at the gym? Are you tired of the same old routine? Are you still not getting the results you’re looking for? Does this sound like the start of a late night infomercial?

But, seriously, if you said yes to even one of those questions, well, maybe it’s time you take the plunge into the fastest growing strength and conditioning training known as CrossFit. As you’ll soon read, we give you the opportunity to experience what this training is truly like first hand at no cost to you.

It’s a concentrated shot of exercise, but in a good way. You’ll do more in 20 minutes than most people would do at a typical gym or health center in 2 hours. This is no joke. This is REAL FITNESS that yields REAL RESULTS!

Okay, on to just a few of the most common physical benefits of training at CrossFit Turbocharged….

(Notice I said physical, because CrossFit training goes way beyond the physical, but rather into mental, emotional and spiritual development in every CrossFit class)

10 general Physical Skills of CrossFit Training:

[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance (CF gets you lean and mean)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Stamina (for days)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Strength (explosive to say the least)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Flexibility/Mobility (like that of a supple leopard)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Power (beyond your current perceived limits)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Speed (lighting fast)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Coordination (we’re talking some next level stuff)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Agility (smooth and precise)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Balance (astonishing)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Accuracy (pin point)

As you can see, there is not one aspect of fitness left out at CrossFit Turbocharged.
No stone is left unturned and we are BEGINNER FRIENDLY!

And, we accomplish this for all levels, from brand spanking new beginner to the advanced machines. What you have here is a “complete” fitness program.

The environment at CrossFit Turbocharged is happy, friendly, inspiring, non-judgmental and energized (or as we like to say…Turbocharged!).

Oh, Check This out… These are just some of the “Side Benefits” of CrossFit training…

[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  You receive actual “coaching” (An absolute must)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Reversing the aging process
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Work outs are measurable for improvement
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Work outs are “scalable” aka working at a pace that is right for you
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Fast, less time consuming, more efficient work outs (so you have more time for anything and everything!)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Constantly varied work outs. Never stale

CrossFit Cherry Hill NJ

Coach Brad Daddis doing the double rope climb. Don’t think you can do this? That’s your perceived limits talking. You will be able to do this in no time!

But wait, there’s more!

[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Perfect for all fitness levels, ages and ability
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Improved Self-Control
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Improved Self-Image
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Improved Self Discipline
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Unstoppable Self Confidence
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Improve (often rehabilitate) and manage old injuries
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Fun
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  I mean, like REALLY DANG FUN!!!

And, the benefits to the side benefits in CrossFit have translated into things like…

[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Ability to quit smoking and/or drinking (The only thing you’ll be addicted to is CrossFit)
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Becoming a better parent
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Getting a raise
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Opening your own business
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  No more mid day crashes, but rather energy to last for days
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Being able to hold your child in your arms pain free
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  Being able to play catch with your grandchildren again
[font_icon icon=bolt font_size=30 color=#000000]  BEING A HAPPIER, MORE PRODUCTIVE HUMAN BEING!!!


CrossFit Cherry Hill NJ

And, we’re not just blowing smoke. The above benefits are proven and come from true stories via many members of our CrossFit gyms and from members of the entire CrossFit Community.

Getting After it at CrossFit Supercharged

Getting After it at CrossFit Supercharged

Most of the above benefits are reached through your increased discipline, confidence and energy levels.
Did I mention that when you are healthy, that you feel great too? That’s fairly obvious, but a reminder never hurts.

And, it’s important for you to understand that CrossFit is a Complete health and fitness program, not just a “gym” for fitness. CrossFit is a lifestyle. You’ll develop positive habits that include proper nutrition, proper programming for working out in this day and age (the discoveries in fitness since the 80’s, 90’s and even the early part of the 21st century have been astounding) with complete, well rounded , functional movements that transfer into your daily life.

CrossFit is a “Core” Fitness program. There is never a time where your core is not engaged during a CrossFit work out. And, this doesn’t just come via sit ups.


We utilize a variety of movements including Olympic Weight Lifting (sounds scary right? It’s not), gymnastics (sounds too difficult at your age right? It’s not), body weight exercises and “cardio” (Cardio is a loose term, but commonly used so I figured it would get your attention.

Cherry Hill NJ CrossFit Turbocharged

Ashley and Sharon Attack the Barbells

We actually refer to cardio as “metabolic conditioning” because there are many different types of “cardio”. And, when we are doing our WOD’s (that’s CrossFit Talk for “work out of the day”, we do what we call “met-cons” aka metabolic conditioning work outs that include everything from rowing, running, biking, and on and on.

When we do our Olympic Lifts, we are doing things you may or may not have heard of like the “Clean and Jerk” or the “Snatch”, but rest assured, it works absolutely EVERYTHING in your body and will make you as strong as an ox with out looking like one if you don’t want to.

If you WANT to look like an ox, we also include Power Lifting for those looking to put on substantial muscle mass. Movements like squats, presses, safe dead lifts, high pulls, and on and on at the loads the coaches prescribe for you make this happen.

Our CrossFit Supercharged and Turbocharged members are some of the best people you could ever meet!

Our CrossFit Supercharged and Turbocharged members are some of the best people you could ever meet!

Gymnastics is dang fun and I don’t mean doing a routine on the high bar. We are talking about movements like the infamous “Muscles Up”, Kipping pull ups (yes, even if you’ve never done a single pull up, we will gradually work through various progressions at your own pace and trust us, you WILL be able to do a pull up and then some sooner than you think!), Ring Dips, and on and on.

Nutrition is vital for fitness and over all wellness. Much of what we thought was healthy in the past isn’t necessarily healthy now. We were conditioned to think a certain way regarding nutrition, but science has provided us with a nutrition template to not only melt away fat, but to have you perform at optimal levels in anything you do, whether it be sports, working as a first responder or playing with your kids.

We provide guidance and even have a service deliver healthy meals for our members that get stored in our commercial refrigerators until you are ready for them! How cool is that? You literally get to pick from a healthy menu that meets your individual needs. Not a good cook? Not a problem.

You won’t find a service like this at your local LA Fitness or standard health club. Heck, your lucky to get any guidance at all at a regular gym (Are you starting to see just how much better CrossFit is than a regular “globo gym” by now? I hope so:)

If you didn’t already put your name and e-mail in the opt-in box above or give us a call already to set up your free private introductory lesson at CrossFit Turbocharged, why the heck not?!!!

Come on…Let’s do this! No more procrastination. No more “maybe tomorrow’s”. Pull the trigger now or you never will!!!

And, you’ve got nothing to be hesitant about. We have a friendly atmosphere and offer a 21 day free trial. What do you have to lose but fat? Go ahead and put your name and e-mail in the box and we’ll get back to you almost immediately!

Yours in REAL fitness,

The Daddis Athletics-CrossFit Turbocharged Staff

A few of our coaches smile for the camera before giving the next class the ultimate work out

A few of our coaches smile for the camera before giving the next class the ultimate work out

WARNING: Please don’t take it personal if we cannot except you as a member down the road. We cannot do a 21 day free trial forever naturally. If you don’t want to miss the boat, you’re going to have to opt in below now or potentially get left behind…I’m talking in the dust.

Seriously though, we have a limit to the amount of members we can have in our CrossFit classes in Cherry Hill to maintain our high standards of instruction and to give each member as much attention as possible.

So, if you’re serious…and, I hope you are by now (come on… you googled CrossFit in your area after all, didn’t you? Maybe not. But, somehow you made it to our website because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Right?

Usually, they say… “no risk, no reward”. Well, we are saying “NO RISK, ONLY REWARD”.

You owe it to you and your family to be happy and healthy.

So, Let’s go! Come and get some!


CrossFit Turbocharged
1970 Old Cuthbert Road Suite #231
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
(856) 870-8028

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