CrossFit Fundamentals Class

As we mentioned before, CrossFit Turbocharged is a BEGINNER friendly gym and we teach you the skills you need to gradually “ramp up” your training. Most CrossFit Fundamentals classes simply go by the name “On-Ramp Program”, but we know that can sound a bit confusing at first:)

Let us tell you more about how we ease you into CrossFit!

The Goals of our Fundamentals/On-Ramp Program…

  • To introduce and expose you to the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit. These are universal and set the stage for everything you’ll do in future CrossFit classes. You’ll have ample time to review the techniques and ask as many questions as you may have.
  • To introduce you to the equipment that you’ll be using during your training and to get you comfortable using it.
  • To introduce and educate you on our nutrition philosophies and foundations. You will learn CrossFit’s secrets to optimal health and wellness through the combination of diet and exercise along with nutrition advice that will allow optimal performance during your work outs. The addition of fueling our bodies right is what allows for results so quickly. You will start to see your body transform with consistency and your body composition change.
  • For you to witness and experience the positive benefits that CrossFit has to offer.
  • To help us find your baseline fitness level through a variety of workouts so that we can better assist you and put you on the right path to reaching all of your goals.
  • To embark upon your CrossFit journey with the most positive experience possible with immediate bonds formed with fellow beginners through each session. You will feel fully integrated as you progress and move on to more challenging work outs.
  • To introduce you to how we journal our workouts for measurable results via a software called Wodify. You will literally be able to walk up to a kiosk at the end of your work outs, enter your scores and results and have your own virtual, personal journal that will have you pushing yourself like never before. We will introduce you to our easy-to-implement food journaling through Wodify that will make our nutrition counseling a cinch to get started with. This software is too hard to explain via our website, so you’ll have to come experience it for yourself!

The CrossFit Fundamentals Class is a total of 4 sessions. Once completed, you will be able to move on in your CrossFit venture and will be set up for success!

[testimonial by=”Brian Eddy, Age 36, Union Carpenter”]“Not only was I grossly out of shape when I started, I knew absolutely NOTHING about lifting weights or even what CrossFit truly was before coming to CrossFit Turbocharged. They couldn’t have made my transition into CrossFit more seamless. They knew exactly what I was capable of doing and had me progress at the perfect pace. I was grateful for the insightful lessons and the skills I learned during my first few weeks at CrossFit Turbocharged. I can’t thank the trainers enough for that!” [/testimonial]

So, to summarize, our CrossFit Fundamentals class is designed to provide you with….

  • A comfortable introduction to our training environment.
  • Nutrition education and discussion.
  • An understanding and basic skill in the Fundamental Movements of CrossFit including
  • Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting (The Clean, Jerk, Snatch, Press, & Deadlift and more)
  • Gymnastics (Squats, Handstands and other bodyweight movements) and…
  • Metabolic Conditioning/Cardio (Running, Rowing, etc… and high intensity short duration workouts)
  • And, to put you on the path to success to reaching all of your health and fitness goals!

Like most classes, the CrossFit Fundamentals Classes are one hour long and are offered in the morning, during the day and in the evening. Please email one of our CrossFit Membership Consultants at [email protected] to set up your first free, private introductory class.

Done Some CrossFit and Unsure If You Need Our CrossFit Fundamentals Class?

The On-Ramp program is required for any beginner new to CrossFit. But, if you have trained at a CrossFit Affiliate, we need to be sure you can answer “yes” to the following questions before requesting to bypass our On-Ramp Program…

  • You have experience with with CrossFit methodology and have practiced it for at least 3 months.
  • You know the how to perform the following movements safely and consistently well: A Squat Clean, Power Clean, Push Press, Push Jerk, Dead Lift, Clean And Jerk and a Power Snatch.
  • If there hasn’t been more than 6 months between now and your last CrossFit training session.

If you consider yourself currently “out of shape”, taking the On-Ramp Classes may be a good place to start your return to CrossFit Training. If you feel that you know all of the above movements, we will have you speak with one of our trainers who will better assess where you should start upon meeting with you.