Crossfit Training FAQs

  • Are These Classes For Women As Well? And, If So, Will I Get Bulky From Using Weights?

    100% absolutely this fitness program is for women and men alike…in fact, there are times where there maybe more women than men in a CrossFit class. Neither gender dominates the sport or program.

    It is a common myth that CrossFit will make you bulky and one of the most common questions females ask. The answer is NO! You will lose a ton of fat and be stronger and more toned than ever. Barbells and weights are just one of the many “tools of the trade” for CrossFit training. If you prefer to be a waif with zero muscle tone, then perhaps CrossFit isn’t right for you. Strong is the new sexy! If you don’t believe us, please watch the awesome video below.

    “CrossFit- Beauty In Strength”

    Courtesy Of CrossFit Inc.

  • What If I Don’t Have Time For CrossFit Classes?

    Crossfit Classes Last No More than An Hour!

    The good news is that training sessions/classes are no more than an hour long! And, you’ll still get the results you are after. The reason for this is due to the intensity of the training. The time is optimized for efficiency in each class. Remember, more is not always better! This can also be the case when it comes to CrossFit training.

    And, don’t let the words intensity intimidate you… It’s all relative to your current fitness level. All movements aka exercises are scalable so that you can do a modified version that will still allow you to train with the same intensity as others. Many members need to modify. We plan for this and expect it. You will gradually modify less as your fitness level improves. And, because CrossFit results are unique in that they are measurable, we’ll know exactly when you are capable of modifying less.

    If one can’t find a few hours out of their week for optimal health and fitness, we’d argue that they might not be serious enough about their health and fitness at the moment.

  • But, Surely I’m Too Old To Get Involved In This Type Of Conditioning Program, Right?

    No way! Age is just a number:) The CrossFit model of health and fitness gives its practitioners benefits that they may not realize including strength and stronger bone density(remember that strength loss is one of the main reasons people need nursing homes), stronger immune systems, less coronary and heart disease, reduced risk of cancer and fewer strokes compared to non-athletes (yes, we refer to all of our members as athletes. Because we all are to an extent if we train to keep our bodies conditioned).

    There are many CrossFitters across the globe well into their 70’s feeling better than ever from CrossFit.

    Check out this great video with a 64 year old CrossFitter excelling. She says she feels she is as strong now as she was when she was 23 years old!

    Courtesy Of CrossFit Inc.

  • Do I Have To Be In Shape Before I Start?

    Absolutely not! In fact, this is a common question and unfortunately prevents some from every getting started. They don’t realize that we have other brand new beginners who are out of shape, but working on it with us and starting to get in shape as you read!

    Our coaches are there to help you set realistic goals and to help you scale and modify your workouts to meet your current fitness level.

    So, fear not! We don’t expect you to be in shape when you come to us. In fact, about 90% are not fit before starting CrossFit. It is our job to gradually get you more fit with each class. If you’ve been stuck behind a desk for years, we will get you mobile, gradually increase your range of motion and have you ease into everything accordingly.

    Everything is scalable in CrossFit. That’s the beauty and something that many people outside of CrossFit don’t realize. It is not a “one size fits all” program. There are substitutes for every exercise and movement as well as modifications and progressions.

    A simple example of the scalability of an exercise in case you are wondering what we mean….If you were to want to do a push up, but could not do one yet. You could do them while keeping your knees on the ground to lighten the load. That is one way to modify. If that is too hard for you, and there is no shame if it is, than you could do push ups on the wall from a standing at a 45 degree angle to lighten the load even more. And, to be honest, we could list many more ways to modify or scale the exercise to meet your current fitness level.

    So, don’t let the pictures on our site or any CrossFit site or video scare you. These are people doing the workouts as “Rx’d” as we say. They are prescribed for more advanced members and elite athletes. We just like to show you some of the stuff you will ultimately be able to do through your training. In time, you will be doing those very same movements.

    So, come on in no matter what kind of shape you are in!

  • How do you address proper nutrition at CrossFit Turbocharged?

    We are absolutely obsessed with every aspect of fitness and that includes proper nutrition!

    Our instructors are constant and never ending in their studies on nutrition.  But, here’s the really cool part.  We have a partnership with a company called Custom Fit Meals.

    This means we offer you an easy, convenient and affordable way to eat healthy. Here’s what you need to know about Custom Fit Meals:

    How it Works. Custom Fit Meals will prepare and deliver FRESH, healthy meals to our facility for you to pick-up

    if you choose to give it a try. or you to pick-up.  All meals are prepared in a fully licensed commercial kitchen by a team of culinary chefs, delivered safely to our facility via refrigerated vehicle, and stored on-site in our Custom Fit Meals cooler.

    There are no contracts or commitments.  All orders are placed week to week.  Simply place your order on-line at before Wednesday each week to receive your meals for the following week of service. Their easy on-line ordering system allows you to choose the number of meals you want and the types of foods you like. Gluten-Free, Primal (includes dairy), Zone and Paleo meals are available. There are 15 menu items you can choose from each week (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and 6 weeks of rotating menus.

    Custom Fit Meals’ nutritional philosophy is based on eating real food – fresh, natural food like lean meats, vegetables and fruit. Their meals are comprised of foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, as opposed to processed foods that have more calories but less nutrition.  All meals are made from FRESH, unprocessed ingredients (and they taste delicious as well)!

    Custom Fit Meals is perfect for those who are busy, but still want to eat healthy or for those who just can’t cook very well:)

  • But, I’m Fat. What I Really Need To Do Is Lose Weight….Lots Of Weight! Can CrossFit Really Help Me Shed Major Pounds Of Fat?

    We can honestly tell you that nothing else will help you melt fat away quicker than CrossFit.

    There are CrossFitters who lose HUNDREDS of pounds! We kid you not. And, rather quickly to boot!

    CrossFit is an entire wellness program that includes the best methods of physical conditioning combined with the ultimate in nutrition which equates to less body fat and being a healthier person

    in every way. CrossFit IS health and wellness.

  • So, You Are Saying I Can Get In Phenomenal Shape Through 1 Hour Classes ?

    YES…believe it or not. There is plenty of research shows that shorter duration/higher intensity workouts yield better results. It’s all about output and work capacity. In fact, the longer the effort during a workout, the lower the amount of intensity you are able to put out.

    Again, one of the beauties about CrossFit is that we have constant social proof of people all across the world getting in insane shape with a rock solid core through workouts that are often LESS than an hour long.

  • I’m In Decent Shape, But There Is No Way In Hell I’d Be Able To Climb Ropes Like I See In The Picture On Your Home Page. Are You Sure I Can Do This?

    Everything is scalable in CrossFit. That’s the beauty and something that many people outside of CrossFit don’t realize. There are substitutes for every exercise and movement as well as modifications and progressions (Yes, we know we said the same thing in the last question above, but it was worth repeating:).

    Our progressions will have you climbing a rope even though you may not believe your body could ever do so in a million years. You may start out on the ground simply pulling your butt off of the floor by climbing your hands just a couple of times on the rope and then you’ll go right back down onto your butt. So, you’ve never left the floor, but you are still building the same muscles that need to be developed in order to ultimately climb the rope.

    I know many of us have “rope-aphobia” from highschool gym class (How did they expect us to climb those ropes with out any instruction and with out getting us to the proper fitness level in the first place?!). But, you have nothing to fear. You will do many progressions (maybe even 5 ways of working with the rope, with you gradually getting stronger and stronger) until you actually give climbing the rope a try. Safety is of utmost importance to us and we would never have you try climbing a rope before you’d be ready. You’ll do great!

  • Can You Train Me To Be Able To Compete In CrossFit Competitions?

    Heck yeah! Like any sport… everyone who wishes to compete starts out doing some smaller, regional competitions (which are a blast by the way), and then depending on the level of our athletes they can take it to the next step and more!

    This is a fun sport and we love nothing more than to be by your side preparing you, coaching you and motivating you to excel at a CrossFit competition. The ultimate goal for a competitor is the elite CrossFit Games.

    But, work on qualifying for the Games by first competing in the “CrossFit Open”. If a CrossFitter does well, they may qualify for the CrossFit Regionals. If they do well there…well, now you go to the games and compete with the fittest men and women on the planet! But, it all starts with local and regional competitions to gain valuable experience.

  • Why Are You Called CrossFit Turbocharged?

    The name comes from our inherent, exciting atmosphere full of enthusiasm and passion. Whether it’s mid workout or even if we are just having a chat about CrossFit, everyone is… well… charged up!

    We also go the extra mile during our workouts (no pun intended:) and do our WODs (Workouts Of The Day) with such energy and passion that the name just made sense for us. Because there is so much more energy at our gym than the norm, we thought the name fit. We are pumped and ready to go w a smile 24/7 and we also liked the connotation of turbocharged and it’s literal relationship to horsepower and work capacity. Our workouts give people horsepower as it pertains to fitness along with strength, power, stamina and more!

  • Where Are You Located Exactly?

    Crossfit Turbocharged

    1970 Old Cuthbert Road

    Suite #231

    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

    United States


  • Is It Really True That This Would Be Helpful For My Emotional Well-Being And Stress Level?

    You betcha… Our brains release chemicals often referred to as endorphins (aka “feel good chemicals) that not only relieve stress, but go as far as helping people with anxiety and depression. Of course, we can’t claim that we can cure that we “treat” anxiety and depression, but we have evidence through members and CrossFitters around the world.

    Not only does the fitness aspect of training relieve stress, but it forces you to live in the precious “present moment”, which, unfortunately, is not the where most of our brains spend enough time. Many worry about the future or harp on the past. The social and community aspects make you laugh, smile, work hard and make most people happier in general. In fact, many claim they don’t know how they lived before CrossFit!

  • Is CrossFit Safe?

    Crossfit Training is Very Safe:

    While you can injure yourself in any physical activity, CrossFit is quite safe. In fact, safer than most activities people may perform in a day. But, regardless, safety is of utmost importance to us.

    We always make sure a beginner learns the proper technique for any movement that they will perform before they do it with any intensity, weight or speed. They must first be able to do the basic movements consistently well.

    In fact, we stress Coach Glassman’s (CEO of CrossFit Inc) theory of Virtuosity as it pertains to CrossFit. And, that means doing the common uncommonly well even if it means a simple squat with no weight. Modifications, substitutions and scaling are just a few of the ways we prevent members from potentially injuring themselves.

    Injuries are more common at a standard health club or fitness center than they are at a CrossFit gym.

  • Am I A Candidate For CrossFit Even If Have A Pre-Existing Injury?

    Numerous members have come through the doors with previous injuries or tweaks and found relief from the pain by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. They don’t realize that many of their current injuries come from muscle imbalances, weakness in a certain area or a lack of mobility.

    In fact, many who begin CrossFit with low back pain end up with none at all simply because their backs where not as strong as the rest of their body. All to often people neglect exercising their low back due to fear of injury. Because of this they end up deconditioned, weak, and more susceptible to injury in the future from minor mishaps which is usually what happens. Taking part in CrossFit will provide you a buffer so that you are less susceptible to these kinds of injuries. The movements and workouts are all completely scalable allowing anyone to take part.

    In no way would we have you do a movement that would re-injure you. Of course, while we know a lot about the body and how it works, we are not doctors and any advice we’ve given under this question is purely based on our experience and experiences.

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