7/29/22 CrossFit South Jersey

Beacon MMA & CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit

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1 Round:

5 Up/Down Dog

5 Lunge (L) + Lunge (R) + Air Squat

8 Up-Downs

8 Scap Pull-Ups or Scap Ring Rows

Then, 2 Rounds:

3 Hang Muscle Cleans*

10 Alt. Elbow Punches*

3 Strict Press (Hold lockout :02)*

3 Front Squats*

3 Push Press*

3 Burpees

5 Kipping Swings or Hollow Rocks

*Use PVC or Empty Bar.

Strict Press + Push Press (Build to a challenging set of (2 + 2).)

Metcon (Time)

12 Rounds:

1 Ring Muscle-Up

3 Thrusters (95/65)(RX+135/95)

6 Burpees Over Bar

PERFORMANCE GOAL → For our fittest athletes we are looking to complete this workout sub 13:00-15:00. Round times will vary between :45 – 1:15, but all movements should be quick and rest should be limited between rounds.

FITNESS GOAL → All athletes will look to complete this workout within 15:00-18:00. Keeping the rest to a minimum, but finding ways to maintain a consistent pace for each round. The transition between movements should allow for a deep breath, pause, and then right to work. Choose a weight for the thrusters that allows 3 perfect reps even in later rounds.

12 Rounds:

2 Jumping C2B Pull Ups

3 Thrusters (65/45)(RX+95/65)

6 Up-Downs Over Bar