8/12/22 CrossFit Training NJ

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2 Rounds:

12 Alt. High Plank Calf Stretches*

10 Hollow Rocks (RD2: Supermans)

10 Ring Rows (RD2: Kipping Swings)

5 RDL (empty Bar)

5 Supinated Bent Rows (empty Bar)

*In the Tall Plank Position, fold one foot over the back heel of the other foot and slowly rock back and try to touch the heel to the floor. Hold this stretch for :05 each side and then switch back and forth for 12 total reps.

Supinated Pendlay Row (3 x 7 AHAP)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Min AMRAP:

12 C2B Pull-Ups

36 DU

100m Run

(Rest 2:00)

6 Min AMRAP:

6 Pull-Ups

18 DU

9 Sit Ups

PERFORMANCE GOAL → Our top performers are looking at 7-8+ rounds. These individuals are keeping all pulling options unbroken, blazing through the DU, and using the 100m Run to separate from the pack. Challenged yourself to stop their run at the door, hustle to the rig, and immediately hop up and go again!

GROUP GOAL → Most athletes should be shooting for 5-6+ rounds. This will be dependent on adjustments to the pulling option and the ability to DU. For these athletes, we want to see their pulling option completed in 2 sets, their Jump Rope option at :40 or less, and we want to use the runs/sit-ups as an opportunity to catch their breath and shake out the arms, so think steady jog here!

12 Min AMRAP:

12 Jumping Pull-Ups

18 DU or 36 DU Taps or SU

100m Run

(Rest 2:00)

6 Min AMRAP:

6 Pull-Ups or Ring Rows

9 DU or 18 DU Taps or SU

9 Sit Ups

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