CrossFit Kids Cherry Hill

CrossFit Kids Cherry Hill – Starting June 1st 2015

CrossFit Kids Cherry Hill

Coach Ryan here, with some great news and updates about our CrossFit Kids program! We are very excited to kick things off on June 1st, and hope you are too!

This weekend, I had the privilege of taking the CrossFit Kids training seminar in Medfield, Massachusetts, and I have to say, I’m more pumped than ever to teach our children the value of an active and healthy lifestyle. The seminar focused on several major topics – shaping lives, defining fitness in terms children can relate to, reversing health issues (childhood obesity & diabetes), influencing self perception, community, nutrition, and life skills – with the overall theme of the weekend being FITNESS = FUN! Plain and simple, we can preach the values of fitness to our kids until we are blue in the face, but if they aren’t having fun during their classes, fitness will not be viewed in a positive light and is less likely to be a part of their adult life.

We spent a lot of time discussing the controversial topic of children and weight training. Is it safe? THE ANSWER IS YES! When practiced in a safe environment, with proper technique, and under the supervision of coaches, weightlifting can help increase things like bone density and cognitive development, while decreasing cortisol levels and risk of injury. “Weightlifting will stunt a child’s growth” is simply a myth and an outdated school of thought. A study was conducted to research injuries obtained by children over the last 14 years. It was found that the likeliness of injury in recreational sports (soccer, baseball, football) was 0.8%/100 hours. The likeliness of injury during weightlifting……0.002%/100 hours.

Through this CrossFit Kids program, we have the opportunity to shape our children’s lives. Classes will certainly have their share of physical exercise, but we will also take time to sit down and discuss important topics, such as dealing with strangers or bullies, treating others fairly, self-worth and confidence, and nutrition. This program is not about building our future sports stars, but about making intelligent, responsible, and healthy human beings. CrossFit is about community. When I have children of my own, I’d feel completely comfortable with my son or daughter hanging around the box, knowing that the people around him/her share many of the same values as I.

Above all else, safety is of utmost importance. Quality of movement sits atop our priority list. Once the kids can demonstrate PERFECT form and technique, then and only then, will we consider increasing intensity and load. But most of all, our goal for your CrossFit Kids program is to show that fitness doesn’t have to be a burden. If we instill the idea that leading an active lifestyle can be fun, and our children continue to carry on these values as adults, then we have done our job!

Looking forward to starting this new chapter with you all!