Stretching After Weight Lifting – CrossFit New Jersey Workouts

CrossFit Stretching for weightlifting

Stretching After Weight Lifting – CrossFit New Jersey Workouts

Athletes enjoy the weightlifting side of CrossFit a lot. Weightlifting is a good way to test how you are progressing. You can see your progress in many ways from heavier weights to better technique. One thing that can prevent athletes from seeing progress is not stretching after you finish lifting.

Most of the time when you are finished weightlifting you are exhausted. You want to get protein in you and go home and rest from a hard workout. You don’t want to sit at the gym for another 10 minutes and stretch. However, when you don’t stretch this allows the lactic acid to build up and is the reason you are sore the next day and day after your weight lifting session.

Another reason stretching is important is it will help increase your range of motion and flexibility. This will translate to helping you in your lifts. If you constantly have trouble getting the bar overheard into the right position it is not just going to magically fix itself. You need to work on your mobility and that will help you get the bar to where you need it. Stretching can make it easier to get under the bar for snatch and cleans. Better hip flexibility will make it easier to get to the bottom of the squat and get more power from your legs on your pulls.

Always ask your coaches if you have any questions about stretching. They can give you a lot of specific stretches that will help you. If you are looking for a routine to do after you finish working out check out the video at the top. The video has examples of stretches that are designed for athletes and weightlifters.