Yoga For CrossFit Turbocharged Cherry Hill NJ

Yoga For CrossFit

We take the mind body and spirit connection very seriously.

To be in optimal health and to achieve true wellness one must ensure they have balance in every department.

CrossFit Yoga Supercharged in Philadelphia

Coach Lauren Daddis

Our Yoga for CrossFit program serves multiple purposes. Not only will you gain the mobility and flexibility needed to perform your movements in class better but you’ll learn how to calm your mind and learn to breath better. (Yes there is a proper way to breath and most of us don’t do it right!)

Yoga isn’t just for girls or the laid back hippy types. Throw those stigmas out the door as they aren’t relevant anymore. Be the best you can be and come to this class which is included in every ones membership.


CrossFit Yoga Philadelphia

Coach Justin Reilley

We are proud of our Yoga for CrossFit classes because the average CrossFit gyms do not offer this, never mind include it in their memberships.

Our highly qualified, well known Yoga instructors are also CrossFitters. They have the knowledge and deep understanding of the ways you are going to move in and out of the class. It is so hard to find CrossFitters that are qualified to teach Yoga.

This class is open to anyone from any CrossFit gym or from anywhere for that matter for a small fee.