11/18/2016 Haddonfield CrossFit Workouts

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Front Squat Cherry Hill CrossFit

Front Squat

Find your 1rm Front Squat and log it in Wodify

Metcon (Time)

For time:

10-8-6-4-2 with 2 rope climbs at the end of each set.

Ring Dips (rx+ first 2 sets strict ring dips)

Hang Power Clean (135/95) (rx+155/125)

Walking lunges with plate over head (45/25) (rx+use barbell and 65/55) If doing in place, step BACK instead of forward for your initial lunge and continue this way with each rep. Each lunge counts as a rep.

Rope Climb 2 after each set. So, 10 total. (rx+4 at the end of each set. 20 total)
Midline Accessory

Turkish Get-ups with KB (35/26) (rx+55/35) Beginners scale by doing the first step of a Turkish Get Up which is coming up to your elbow. Our goal is to do non-stop Turkish get ups for 5 minutes, BUT, not as fast as possible. But, rather, as perfect as possible. Do, sets of 5 on one side and then 5 on your other side. Repeat this.

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