7/1/22 CrossFit Haddonfield Collingswood Cherry Hill Marlton

Beacon MMA & CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit

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:20 High Knees

:20 Butt Kicks

:20 Walk on Toes

:20 Walk on Heels

:20 Alt. Skip and Reach

1 Round:

10 Alt. Lunges

10 Alt. Box Step-Ups

8 Scap Pull-Ups

8 Hanging Knee Raises

1 Round:

10 Back Rack Lunges (empty Bar)

8 Box Jumps

8 Kipping Swings

8 Kipping Knees to Elbow

Toes-To-Bar (10 minutes to practice the skill!)

Beginners: Kipping for K2E/TTB

Intermediate/Adv: Kipping K2E + TTB + K2E + TTB

3 x (2+2+2+2)

Metcon (Time)

FOR TIME (30:00 time cap):

1 Mile Run

120 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

100 Alt. Back Rack Lunges (75/55)(RX+115/75)

80 TTB

*Partition All Work as Needed.

FITTEST GOAL → These athletes are aiming to finish in 26:00 or less at RX. Sub 7:00 mile. The real challenge for these athletes will be to complete this workout straight through and not partition.

GROUP GOAL → All athletes are aiming to finish in the 28:00-30:00 range. These athletes should partition the workout in a manner that minimizes any stopping and staring into space. They should have a plan A, a plan B, and maybe even a plan C. Athletes should look to take advantage of the movements they are great at and go for bigger sets while steadily chipping away at the other movements.

FOR TIME (30:00 time cap):

800m Run

100 Box Jump Overs or Alt. Step Overs (18/12)

80 Alt. Back Rack Lunges (45/35) or Bodyweight Lunges

60 K2E

*Partition All Work as Needed.