8/2/22 CrossFit South Jersey

Beacon MMA & CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit

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1 Round:

10 Alt. Cossack Squats

5 KB Deadlifts

5 KB High Pulls

5 Tuck-Ups

Then, 1 Round:

10 KB Goblet Squats

5 KB Swings

5 Single-Ring Ring Rows

5 V-Ups

Front Squat Double Bounce (3-3-3)

Build to a challenging triple!

Metcon (Time)

For Time (28:00 time cap):

200 KB Swings (53/35)(RX+70/53)

150 Sit-Ups

100 Air Squats

15 Rope Climbs

*Partition as needed to complete all reps.

PERFORMANCE GOAL → From a performance standpoint, we should be shooting for 19:00 – 23:00 minutes. We would like to see our KB Swings be completed in Sets of 25 or more. Sit-Ups and Air Squats should be performed fairly quickly. Look to complete our Rope Climbs in :15 seconds or less per rep.

GROUP GOAL → All Athletes are looking to complete this workout in 24:00 – 28:00 minutes. The KB Swings should be completed in sets of 15-22. Look to stay smooth and steady on our Sit-Ups and Air Squats. Our Rope Climbs/Walks should be completed in :15 – :20 seconds per rep.

For Time (28:00 time cap):

150 KB Swings (26/18)

100 Sit-Ups

100 Air Squats

10 Rope Climbs or 15 Rope Walks

OR…Partition to complete all reps:

10 Rounds:

15 KB Swings

10 Sit Ups

10 Air Squats

2 Rope Walks