8/9/22 CrossFit near Philadelphia

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20 JJ

10 Scap Pull Ups or Scap Ring Rows

Partner Bar Hang Challenge!

Then, 1 Round:

4 Inchworms

8 Tuck-Ups

8 Alt. DB Bent Over Row

4 Muscle Cleans*

8 Alt. Elbow Punches*

Then, 1 Round:

8 Kipping K2E

4 Hang Power Clean*

4 Push Press + :15 OH Hold**

4 Push Jerk*

4 Split Jerk*

*Empty Bar or PVC.

Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk (Build to a challenging set of complex!)

(1 + 1 + 1)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

13 Min AMRAP:

13 DB Renegade Rows (25/15)(35/20)*

10 TTB

7 SH2OH (115/75)(RX+155/105)

*1 Rep = Push-Up + Row (R) + Row (L).

PERFORMANCE GOAL → The goal for these athletes is to finish the workout with 5.5-6+ rounds under their belts. They will shoot for unbroken rounds in the beginning and never look to break up a movement more than once. Swift transition from one movement to the other are key!

GROUP GOAL → The group goal is to accumulate 4-5 rounds. For these athletes, it will be best to break up the movements in a manner that allows them to constantly move. They should look to complete the DBRR and TTB in 1-3 sets and the S2OH in 1-2 sets. Major focus on barbell technique!

13 Min AMRAP:

9 DB Renegade Rows (15/10)*

10 K2E

7 SH2OH (85/55)

*1 Rep = Push-Up + Row (R) + Row (L).

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