02/10/2014 CrossFit Classes Marlton NJ

CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit Classes Marlton NJ

Power Clean (Take 10-12 minutes to work up to a 1-RM)

Metcon (No Measure)


Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes, perform:

3 Power Cleans 185/115
5 Burpees

Coaches Notes:

So, I was watching the Olympics today On Demand and Holy Shyte these girls were getting air on their snow boards!  I’m not sure if anyone caught some of the Luge, but a dude fell off and managed to get back on all while cruising at a likely 50mph.  It was athletic as you could get.  And, he did it while remaining calm, cool and collected (the same way we need to be after a missed lift or muscle up).

I have a question for you…do you think a “Lugist” (Is that what they are referred to as?), a snow boarder,  a speed skater etc… only do those activities to prepare for 4 years in between the Olympic games?  Of course not.  Even elite Olympians and pro athletes need GPP (General Physical Preparedness if you are reading and you are a beginner).

When I went to speak to the Boston College Football team this past year on mental toughness, the first thing I noticed as I walked into the beautiful facility was that the team were working on power cleans.  Why weren’t they playing football?  Well, naturally they need to gain speed, power, strength etc… as well as to play at their best and the same goes for Olympians.  I can’t think of many sports where Olympic Lifting wouldn’t benefit the athlete (perhaps curling would be an exception?  Is that what they are referred to as?)

So, as you get your WOD on today, remember that the most elite in just about every sport work the same movement and the reasons are clear.  The results are clear.  There’s not much you won’t do better at when you have a mean power clean!

~Coach Brad

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