5/20/19 CrossFit Classes in Cherry Hill, NJ

CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit

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5 Minutes Foam Roller

Then 2 Rounds:

20 Lateral Hops (over PVC)

5 Up/Down Dogs

10 Seated Band Rows (slow!)

Double-Unders (Learn the skill!)

*If proficient, 10 minutes to set new DU PR!

Metcon (Time)

Working at same time as your partner, P1 completes row as P2 completes Farmers Carry. Switch roles once both partners finish respective task.

For Time:

2k Row

16 Lengths Single Arm Farmers Carry AHAP (even work both sides!)

1200m Row

16 Lengths Farmers Carry @ moderate weight (even work both sides!)

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