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04/10/2014 CrossFit Classes in Cherry Hill

CrossFit Turbocharged – CrossFit Classes in Cherry Hill

Front Squat (5×3 Three second controlled decent per rep)

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds ( 5 seconds less rest per round):

30 seconds of Kb SDHP
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Wall ball
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Flutter kicks
30 seconds Rest

Coaches Notes:   What a beautiful night last night was. I showed up to CrossFit Turbocharged last night, the place was electric.. it was “charged” up!    While it would have probably seemed a bit chilly to anyone not throwing down, the Turbochargers were running with what I consider, perfect weather when you are sweating like a true CrossFitter does.  The sun not quite ready to set was the perfect back drop.  The vibe when they’d get back inside the box (during the benchmark WOD “Helen”) was off the hook!

Watching them running with the sun light in the background reminded me how much I love this stuff and has me so eager to run along side you all sooner than later.  CrossFit is so much more than just a “work out”.   Just one year ago I was out back flipping tires in the same weather and just remember how great it felt….how the stress from your day fades and how grateful you feel to be alive after the work out (I mean alive in general, not because you made it through the WOD:).   And, the feeling of serenity and happy chemicals flowing through your body is hard to describe.  Just something you don’t appreciate as much until you are sidelined (not for long though!).   While injuries stink, they are good for one thing in particular and that is that they make you appreciate life when you are not injured that much more.  We are all so lucky!

I really enjoyed watching the newer members of the team following in the lead of some of the more veteran peeps like Jeff, Mark name Jen.  Coach Ryan, Coach Jeremiah, Coach Harvey (we are gonna miss you Harvey!), Coach JD not only supplied the motivation and instruction, but helped set the “tone” of the class and that is very important in a CrossFit class.   Just really cool energy and I think we are all happy that spring has sprung to an extent.

And, it was great to see everyone charged up and looking to beat old scores.

~Coach Brad

P.S.  I once had a member tell me that they were disappointed that they weren’t doing an Oly Lift one day because Front Squats were on the menu for strength that day.   I reminded him (and
hopefully and reminding others who might prefer a C n J over Front Squats) that front squats are a crucial accessory movement for Olympic Lifts!  We can’t “just” do the Oly Lifts to become better at them.  We need to get stronger in different areas and in different ways as well.  What are you doing at the bottom of a clean?…About to do a front squat…exactly.  So, remember that all of the strength and accessory movements will help your over all Oly scores in the long run.

P.P.S.  If you are still having a problem with that “front rack” position, talk to one of the coaches and they will help you.  It’s often times a mobility issue, but many times a technique issue as well that can be corrected on the spot.  Don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Aja Barto, CrossFit superstar who’s been focusing on his Oly Lifting squatting some sorta heavy weight to improve his Oly lifts…