7/19/18 CrossFit training near Philadelphia

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1 minute sitting in bottom of squat

20 PT, 20 ATW

Then, with empty barbell:

5 Muscle-Snatch

5 Snatch High Pull

5 Snatch-Grip RDL

5 BTN Press


5 Hang Power Snatch (pause 2 seconds at knee)

…Then, 3 Snatches from each position.

3 Position Snatch (mid thigh, below knee, floor) (3 sets of complex.)

*Weight for entire complex will be determined by what you can snatch from the hip.

Find challenging weight and complete 3 sets of complex with no misses.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata Push Ups

Rest 1 Min

Tabata Box Jumps

Rest 1 min

Tabata Double Unders

Tabata Push Ups

Rest 1 Min

Tabata Box Step Ups

Rest 1 min

Tabata Single Unders

Accessory Work

Single Leg Barbell Glute Bridge, 3 x 8L/8R


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